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Donate to Red Hook!

We at Red Hook Dog Rescue are committed to giving the dogs in our care the best lives possible. We use top vets in the NYC area and only work with Positive Behavior Reinforcement Trainers. Medical and training can be very expensive as we often take the most difficult cases throughout the city. We can not survive without your support. Red Hook Dog Rescue is mostly funded by donations from generous and caring people like you.

If you work for a large corporation, check before donating if your company has a donation matching program for employees -- you could double or triple your donation with a single email to the HR department!

Red Hook Dog Rescue is a 501c3 so that means all donations are tax deductible and will directly benefit the dogs in our care. We are humbled and grateful for all of the love, and encouragement you have given us throughout the years, we are only as good as our supporters and you are great. Thank you for all that you do and helping us continue our mission to save special needs dogs in NYC.


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