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About Us

Red Hook Dog Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit group dedicated to helping the special needs animals in NYC. Red Hook Dog Rescue is run by Harriet Zucker, a certified dog trainer who strongly believes in positive reinforcement based training. We believe that it is important to teach animals what to do rather than what not to do. When dogs are properly trained they are more successful in their homes and happier too!


Our mission at Red Hook Dog Rescue is too rescue well, rather than rescue big. We are personally involved in the entire process, from behavior evaluations, training, fostering to adoptions; we accompany the animals we take into our care along their journey. We believe that all animals deserve a chance and we do not give up on our animals regardless of their limitations. Red Hook Dog Rescue is a special needs dog rescue, we typically take animals with limitations such as deafness, blindness, behavioral issues, and of course seniors! We make sure our animals receive the best veterinary care and training so that when they come to you they are the best they can be.

Our Team:

Harriet Zucker - Rescue Director

Harriet is a certified dog trainer who personally evaluates and gets to know each dog in the rescue. Harriet likes to work with the dogs prior to their adoption so she knows what type of home would be best for their personality. Harriet facilitates meet and greets to ensure the transition runs smoothly. Professionally Harriet is a set decorator who works on major films and popular television shows. Harriet lives in Brooklyn with her dogs and takes care of a feral cat colony.

Ali Vulpe - Rescue Correspondent

Ali takes care of most of the email inquiries, if you send an email Ali is the first person you will connect with, she will get back to you with information about our dogs and how our process works. Ali is a full time doctorate student who lives in Connecticut with her dog Matilda that she adopted from Red Hook Dog Rescue.


​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!
We are always looking for new volunteers to help out. What we really need foster homes so if you have some space and an open heart why not get approved with us today. Red Hook Dog Rescue literally provides everything to our fosters, we give you a leash, collar harness, bed, crate, food, provide medical and training; you just provide the love!


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